Manu Bhagavan’s areas of expertise include matters related to India, especially involving human rights, international relations, and the region’s modern history.  Please direct all media-related inquiries here.

*Extensive interview with E-International Relations, on world affairs, India, and the study of international history. Summer 2022

*Quoted in “India’s Heat Wave,” about the climate emergency in India, a feature story by Faigy Grunfeld in Hamodia Prime (print edition only), 25 May 2022.

*“The Durbar Incident” and “Footnotes,” Interviews on the “Misrepresented” podcast, Winter 2021.

* “India Burning,” Interview with the Democracy in Danger podcast, the University of Virginia Media Lab, summer 2021.

*Interviewed on the Thought Project podcast, with Vivian Louie, the Director of the Asian American Studies Center at Hunter College, on anti-Asian violence.  The CUNY Graduate Center, May 2021. Listen here

*Interviewed on Deutsche Welle (DW)/PBS program The Day about the CoVid crisis in India, April 2021.

*Interviewed on Deutsche Welle (DW)/PBS program The Day about the CoVid crisis in India, April 2021.

*Interviewed on Deutsche Welle International Television News about the second wave of CoVid in India, April 2021.


*Contributor to several internationally broadcast documentaries: Titans of the 20thc, Dynasties: The Families that Changed the World; and Behind History: Stories about the People and Events that Shaped the World

*Interviewed by Time Magazine, for a story on India’s controversial new citizenship law and related events, January 2020.  

*Contributor to The Curious Reader‘s Favorite Books of 2019 list. 

*Featured in “Historians Roast Trump” as part of the 2019 Not the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, hosted by Full Frontal with Samatha Bee.


The Main Skit:

*Interviewed by Ashish Malhotra for a story in Maclean’s on the twin visits to India of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump Jr. 

*Interviewed on the Thought Project podcast.  The CUNY Graduate Center, January 2018. Listen here

*Interviewed live on Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, Philadelphia NPR-affiliate WHYY Radio, discussing authoritarianism.  May 2017. Listen here.

*Quoted extensively by the Huffington Post on the return of strongmen, March 2017.

*Interviewed on RepresentNYC, Manhattan Neighborhood Network TV, discussing US presidential power and its limits in the context of global authoritarianism. February 2017.  Watch here.

*Interviewed on the Matt Townsend Show, BYU/Sirius XM Radio, discussing the challenges of global authoritarianism, and possible paths forward.  December 2016.  Listen here.

*Interviewed by Zee TV English/WION TV, live, discussing Donald Trump’s nomination of Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations.  December 2016. Watch here.

*Interviewed by Zee TV English/WION TV about the US elections in a global context.  November 2016. Watch here.

*Interviewed by Lincoln Mitchell, former national political correspondent for The New York Observer, for his podcast Painting the Corners: Baseball and International Relations, discussing the US elections in a global context, refracted through conversations on baseball, November 2016.

*Interviewed for a story on Media Diversified on Madam Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, a woman who broke many a glass ceiling, October 2016.  Interview based on my current research work.

*Panelist, by phone, on The Big Picture on India’s Rajya Sabha TV discussing the third and final debate of the 2016 US Presidential election, and its impact on the outcome of the presidential contest.


*Interviewed for a story in Fusion on the context for a Donald Trump/Bollywood event held in New Jersey, USA, October 2016.

*Quoted extensively in The New York Times for a story on Donald Trump and Hindu nationalists.  Story picked up by Newsmax, The Hindu, and the Deccan Herald, October 2016. Quotations extracted and cited by A.G. Noorani in Frontline, November 2016.

*Panelist on The Big Picture on India’s Rajya Sabha Television, discussing challenges facing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, July 2016.

* Interviewed for a story on Hinduism and homosexuality that appeared July 2015 in the Washington Post and the Columbus Dispatch.

* Quoted on CNBC (web) on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first year in office.  Read here.

* Invited to comment on #DalitHistoryMonth, The Stream, Al Jazeera, April 2015.  Read and watch here.

* Quoted on CNBC (web) regarding the issue of untaxed money held in foreign accounts (“black money”) in India, October 2014.  Read here.

* Interviewed along with Arun Venugopal on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show, discussing the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States, 30 September 2014. Listen here.

* Quoted on CNBC (web and television) regarding Indian budget, July 2014. Read the story here and watch here:

* Interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered, discussing the Indian Supreme Court IPC Section 377 ruling.  December 2013. Read the transcript and listen here.

* Interviewed on The Stream, Al Jazeera (English) International (tv/radio/net cross media platform), discussing racism in India and the backlash against Nigerians in India’s Goa state, November 2013. Read here and watch here.

* Interviewed on HuffPost Live for “Citizens of the World Unite,” discussing first world citizen Garry Davis and the One World movement. Watch here.

* Interviewed on World Citizen Radio, with Garry Davis, regarding The Peacemakers.

* Interviewed by CNN-IBN, with public author chat, regarding The Peacemakers. Read the interview here and the chat here.

* Interviewed on INI9 (9 Minute Conversations) with Nitin Pai, discussing The Peacemakers.  Watch here:

* Interviewed on 4 Corners, live televised broadcast on international 24-hour news channel Press TV, 2-3pm EST, 25 October 2007, regarding the meeting of Indian, Chinese, and Russian foreign ministers in Harbin, China.

* Interviewed on 4 Corners, live televised broadcast on international 24-hour news channel Press TV, 2-3pm EST, 8 October 2007, regarding the US/India nuclear deal

* Interviewed on BBC-Radio’s The World Today, broadcast on BBC World Service 12/31/04 just after 0230 GMT (9:30pm EST, 12/30/04), regarding United States relief efforts for the tsunami disaster in Asia and Africa.